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Lower and Middle School Library

Welcome to the South Campus Library! Our library serves students grades PreK-8, as well as faculty and staff. Our growing collection consists of over 23,000 print and non-print resources. We also have an excellent variety of online resources available for use, many which can be accessed from home. Information literacy skills are taught at every level.

Join us for the Lower and Middle School Book Fair Oct 11-19.

Wow! Check out how many Accelerated Reader books Lower School has tested on so far this year.

The school library media program is an integral part of the instructional process. The library media program is designed to teach the student skills in finding, interpreting and applying information to help the learner function effectively as an individual and in groups, and to support the educational program of the school. The library media program is also designed to instill an appreciation for literature and other media, print and nonprint. If students are to function successfully in a complex society, they must acquire skills and knowledge to become independent, self-reliant learners. Within the school, the library media program is a major force which helps the student develop these essential skills. The library media center serves as an extension of the classroom – a laboratory for using those skills that can be applied to information needs throughout the student’s life. In addition, experiences with literature and other types of media, both print and nonprint, promote the understanding of differences among people, and also help students gain insight into their own faith and learning.

Mr. Jim Nelson, Head Librarian
Phone: (612) 721-3359 x2125
[email protected]

Mrs. Susan Besser, Assistant Librarian
Phone: (612) 729-3359 x2126
besser–[email protected]