Minnehaha Academy

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Middle School

Our students not only literally move up (from the first to second floor of our Lower and Middle School campus) but also figuratively with a more challenging academic curriculum. Comprising grades 6-8, we want students to feel loved and empowered in a Christ-centered environment where they can become explorers, leaders and scholars. Middle schoolers at Minnehaha Academy thrive, not just survive, during this critical developmental period because our teachers embrace all the unique personalities and create an environment where there’s virtually no bullying. That sense of connection, safety and community allows every student to reach for their very best.

Our Christian distinction is real, not a facade. We integrate faith into every relationship and demonstrate that faith by loving one another and showing each other grace and mercy. Learn more

The Middle School counselor and faculty plant the seeds in our eighth graders, guiding them through a process to explore potential careers with an assessment, inventory and parent-led seminar. The goal is to stir areas of interest and plumb possible careers, not commit to one. Learn more

We emphasize personal responsibility, as we help determine the right blend of student independence and parental and staff support. Our goal is to not only prepare the whole teen – intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually – for high school but also to make sound decisions after graduation. Learn more

Looking for a great place to hang out or do homework? The Yellow Lounge, which was once painted yellow, is the after-school program for students in grades 6-8. The competitively priced program runs daily from 3:15 – 6 p.m. Learn more

Our Middle School curriculum is continuously adjusted to push students to their full potential and beyond. Wherever a student lands on the continuum, our teachers identify and support that individual’s needs in their academic growth. Learn more

Offerings include Latin, Chinese, French and Spanish. But for students entering seventh and eight grade for the 2015-16 school year, an advanced level elective will be offered as an immersion-style course within the school day. Learn more

Choices abound for students with varied interests, from math to jazz, drama to skiing, and student council to yearbook.  Learn more

In Middle School, 87% of students participate on an athletic team. Minnehaha welcomes athletes at every ability level, from novice to champion. All students who attend practices regularly and give their best efforts will participate in athletic contests. Learn more

Our teachers embrace all the unique personalities in our Middle School and delicately balance opportunities to show students grace or challenge them. Students regularly go to teachers with issues, based on respect and trust. Learn more

We believe it’s important that our students serve and lead, and we ensure they get ample opportunities to do both. One notable event is Serve It! Day, in which students devote a day each fall to service learning projects. Learn more

In our Middle School science courses, we are committed to providing excellent curriculum and instruction to help students develop problem-solving skills through hands-on, inquiry investigations. Learn more