Minnehaha Academy

Admission Office: 612-728-7722

Morning and afternoon traffic in and around the South Campus can be very busy! Parents are strongly encouraged to focus on the safety of all our children when arriving at school by following the safety procedures outlined below.

We have a separate lane for bus use and another lane for car pick-up/drop-off. The bus lane is dedicated for busses ONLY during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times to allow busses to safely load and unload students. Please do not enter the bus lane between 8 – 9 a.m. or 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Students being dropped off or picked up by private vehicles should do so along the school side of 42nd Street or in the parking lot drop-off lane. When entering the parking lot, please follow the arrows to the drop-off area, and pull your car forward as far as possible, allowing your children to exit onto the sidewalk. Please be aware of others behind you who are ready to be dropped off. No parking is permitted in the drop-off lane at any time. It is a fire lane and, therefore, it is illegal to park there at any time. Doing so makes the movement of traffic impossible. All cars picking up students use the designated pick-up lane in the parking lot. Students should enter the car from the curb so they are not walking between cars or in the passing lane. No student will be allowed to enter the parking lot on foot without a parent or guardian walking alongside at all times.

Please have your child(ren) ready to be dropped off. If children need extra time to get organized before exiting the vehicle, or if you must accompany your child into the building, please park in the lot or on the street. Park in marked stalls only and observe all parking signs and yellow curbs.

Please utilize and respect the school patrols and cross only at the patrolled crosswalks on 42nd Street. Fifth grade students serve as crossing guards in the morning and in the afternoon. Their primary responsibility is to help students and parents cross the street safely at the designated crosswalks. They are trained and take their jobs seriously. Please set a good example for your children by respecting the crossing guards and obeying the rules.

Please be aware of and observe posted parking restrictions on streets around the South Campus. Parking restrictions are enforced, and illegally parked vehicles can be ticketed and towed. Many areas are posted NO PARKING during various times of the day. Unattended vehicles in NO PARKING zones can be ticketed. In addition, city ordinance states that no car can be parked within 20 feet of marked crosswalks and 30 feet of all stop signs and fire hydrants. Please be courteous to neighbors by not blocking driveways or walk-outs.

Thank you for your cooperation!