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SMART Program – Jump Start Learning

Preschool and Kindergarten are the launch pads of learning, but it is a false assumption that all students arrive, on day one, with a brain that is ready to acquire all the wonderful new skills that await. Every brain is unique and its development varies from child to child. However, we can do a lot to ‘jump start’ our learners and stimulate brain development.

Current research suggests that many children benefit from targeted physical activities that encourage visual-motor integration, visual acuity, overall fine motor ability, spatial relations, and primitive reflexes. When these brain systems are well developed, children are more ready to learn in the classroom. They have improved focus and attention, reading ability, impulsivity, muscle development, and can better follow directions.


Development Through Movement

Preschool and Kindergarten children at Minnehaha Academy benefit from this current brain research in our SMART program. Each day they have fun moving their bodies in specific activities that challenge their visual, motor, auditory, sensory, and proprioceptive systems. Our PreK, Kindergarten, and Physical Education teachers have been trained in the SMART program and lead the children in these activities that make their brains stronger.

We believe that this kind of brain training will help our students set a strong foundation for learning that will benefit them all the years to come at Minnehaha Academy.