Minnehaha Academy

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Opening Eyes: Kindergarten


Your child has a place at Minnehaha Academy. Here, your child will be set on a path of discovery, guided by passionate teachers who cultivate a joy of learning.

Kindergarten teachers incorporate hands-on activities to develop and grow reading and math skills. Your child will also reap the benefit of specialist classes in art, library, music, physical education and Spanish.

Your child will feel secure and valued in our nurturing environment. A low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that your child will be known, cared for, and set on a path of lifelong learning.

"Teachers exemplify passion with a purpose in their interactions with our children, each other and the overall community. I truly believe that their goal is to make the best version of themselves."

- Parents of Lower School children


The full-day Kindergarten program provides an enriching Christian environment for students to experience a wide variety of activities in academics and socialization. One size does not fit all, which is why we use various approaches to challenge and encourage your child. We believe children learn best when they are engaged in meaningful activities that promote cognitive, social, emotional, physical, spiritual growth and well-being.