Minnehaha Academy

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Grade 2

Second graders scratch below the surface, making initial connections between fractions and identifying geometric representations in math and honing comprehension skills in reading. Here is a closer look at the curriculum:



Using the Houghton-Mifflin, Journeys, literacy program in conjunction with Guided Reading and the Daily Five, students develop comprehension skills, accuracy, fluency, critical evaluation, and the application of ideas. Each day offers either independent, partner, or group opportunities to develop students’ reading skills. Our Literacy Block has strands covering grammar, punctuation, word usage, and expanding vocabulary as well as sentence construction. The writing process is emphasized, including both fiction and non-fiction. Spelling skills, concepts, and patterns are taught emphasizing high frequency words, proofreading, dictionary skills, and word mastery.



Second grade students address topics of numbers and operations, measurement, geometry, simple algebra, data analysis, probability, and problem solving, while building more advanced basic facts, place value, and mental math skills. Students communicate their thinking in a variety of ways, including written expression, and develop a higher level of skill of real-world problem solving using addition, subtraction, multiplication and measurement.



Conveying the love and goodness of God is the primary goal of the Christian Schools International Bible curriculum. Students study Creation through Kings and the Prophets in the Old Testament, and Jesus’ birth, ministry, teachings, death and resurrection in the New Testament. Through stories of God’s working in the lives of Old and New Testament people, students learn to recognize God’s work and His plan in their own lives. All Lower School students and teachers meet together weekly for a chapel service on Thursdays in the Monson chapel.


Social Studies

Using the Nystrom geography program, students learn locations of continents and oceans, land and water forms, components of flat map projections, and map-reading skills. Social studies topics include Native Americans, Pilgrims, and the Underground Railroad. The continent study in second grade focuses on the geography and culture of Africa, specifically the countries of Kenya and Egypt.



Using the Discovery Works Science curriculum, students explore the concepts of interaction among living things, states of matter (solids/liquids/gases), and changes over time. Instruction is based on frequent demonstrations, student projects, and hands-on activities. All Lower School students are encouraged to participate in the annual Science Fair.