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A Truly Transformative Experience

Lower School

In the Lower School, we are committed to the development of the whole child – academically, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. Students in kindergarten through grade 5 embark on a journey that literally takes them around the world. Each grade focuses on a specific continent, where they learn about its culture, arts, society, politics, people and how that continent fits globally.



Our kindergartners begin with the basics and ease into the rhythm of the Lower School – while they still enjoy an afternoon nap! One of the highlights for our students is an opportunity to research, write and illustrate a class book on penguins. Learn more

Grade 1


Our first graders dive into deep math concepts of number sense and place value to give them a foundation to become independent problem solvers. Students also study the continent of Europe through speakers, art projects, readings and cap it all off with an English tea party. Learn more

Grade 2


Our second graders stretch themselves as communicators and creators, interviewing people who have lived in Kenya during a unit on Africa and developing games around a concept (money, time, estimation, addition, subtraction) for the Math Carnival. Learn more

Grade 3

South America

Our third graders continue refining their writing skills as they create biographies that require multiple sentence structures and integration of 30+ researched facts. Our caring community is also manifested in their writing sympathy cards for others locally and globally. Learn more

Grade 4

North America

Our fourth graders love exploring our community, as we partner with the Minnesota Zoo on their Sea Otter exhibit and ride bikes to learn more about Minnehaha Falls, Fort Snelling and the Lock and Dam #1. They also dive deeply into a study of North America. Learn more

Grade 5


Our fifth graders thrive in the many opportunities to engage in projects where they explore, create, collaborate, design, problem solve, analyze and present! Students spend the month of November crafting a novel to learn the art of long-form writing. Learn more




New Lower School Math Curriculum Video

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Math in Focus

The Lower School math curriculum, Math in Focus, is based on the Singapore math approach and provides students with a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes mathematical fluency and conceptual mastery while engaging learners in higher-level problem solving skills. Learn more.

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Minnehaha provides a warm and nurturing community, emphasizing academic challenge, leadership, service and a strong Christian faith.

- Bill and Carolyn, Minnehaha Parents