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Meet the Wolfpack: Minnehaha Academy Football

Meet the Wolfpack. Minnehaha Academy’s football team has joined with St. Paul Academy and Blake to create a co-op football team. Players from these schools will practice and play together during the upcoming season.

“We all have come together to realize it’s the best thing for our student athletes, and that’s the key here,” Josh Thurow, Athletics Director for Minnehaha Academy, told Kare11. “It just made a lot of sense from all the schools’ perspectives involved in this. The time to act is now, don’t wait until you’re forfeiting games because you can’t come up with enough bodies. Let’s be proactive, let’s jump ahead and combine and provide our kids with a better experience.”

There are more than 60 players on the team, enough to start a J.V. squad, which means even more kids will get the opportunity to have field time during games.

The Wolfpack started practice on Monday, August 10, and friendships between the players are already forming. “Before the season even started, we got up and we started making friends with the Blake and SPA kids. It’s been really a good time, they’re a lot of fun to hang out with,” Dawson Rademacher, a senior at Minnehaha Academy, told Kare11.

Show your Minnehaha school spirit during Homecoming Weekend. The Wolfpack will play Breck School at 7 p.m. at the Breck Field on Friday, October 2.

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