Minnehaha Academy

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Materials Exchange Process



We are asking families to return their school-owned iPad along with the case, power adapter, and power cable as part of the return process. Please erase and power off the device before turning it in. Students may also consider backing up their device, though it is not required (additional information can be found on Apple‘s and Google‘s website). Families who were provided with supplemental technology to support distance learning are also being asked to return equipment along with the iPad. Please note that families may be charged at a later date for damaged devices or unreturned materials.

If you are interested in purchasing an iPad Air 2 from the school please fill in our form and we will follow-up with you later this summer.


Lower & Middle School

Wednesday, May 27 & Thursday, May 28 we’ll have a special drive-through celebration for Lower & Middle School families as we wrap up the 2019-2020 school year! You will bring all of materials from your home to school (check Schoology for full list of items). You can put all of your items in a brown paper bag (or 2) with your full name – first and last – clearly marked on the bag.

We will give you your yearbooks as well as your personal belongings from your lockers.  Your teachers and staff will be on the sidewalks as you drive in so they can see you one more time waving at you as we end this year.  Our drive-through celebration will be safe and contact-free. In order to safely manage the volume of cars coming through we’ve designated specific windows for each family to come through:

  • Families with last names A-F Wednesday, May 27 from 9-11am
  • Families with last names G-K Wednesday, May 27 from 1-3pm
  • Families with last names L-R Thursday, May 28 from 9-11am
  • Families with last names S-Z Thursday, May 28 from 1-3pm


Upper School

  • Tuesday, May 26 — 9th Grade (last names A–K 9 AM to Noon, L–Z Noon to 3 PM)
  • Wednesday, May 27 — 10th Grade (same alpha breakdown and times)
  • Thursday, May 28 — 11th Grade (same alpha breakdown and times)
  • Friday, May 29 — Makeup day for all grade levels

Please bring the following materials in paper bags clearly marked with the students name and grade level:

  • All iPads, cases, and cords (students should NOT be keeping iPads for the summer)
  • All classroom textbooks and materials (cameras, art supplies, etc.)
  • Library books
  • Music folders and sheet music
  • School-owned instruments or athletic equipment, including uniforms
  • Madrigal dresses or tuxedos (on hangers)
  • Anything else school owned!

The process students/families should follow:

  1. Arrive in the staff/front parking any time during your designated time slot.
  2. Use the drive-thru lane and do not park in the lot UNLESS the student needs to enter the building to pick something up. Students must wear masks and wait for direction from an adult before entering the building. Do NOT park in the drive-thru lane if the student is running inside for anything.
  3. When called or directed, you can either exit your car and hand off your paper bag(s) with the materials you are returning, or we can grab your bag(s) out of the trunk or backseat and you can remain in your car.
  4. We will hand you a yearbook and Talon newspaper.
  5. Do not park or stop to see friends and hang out in the parking lot. We need to keep traffic moving and be responsible with social distancing.

We look forward to seeing you all this week!



Thursday, May 21st is our Last Day celebration parade and material/yearbook exchange….we look forward to celebrating you!!  We are also following all social distancing and safety guidelines, including those recommended for parades and events like this.  Please review these directions closely!


  1. Arrive in the student parking lot via car anytime between 4:30-6:00 PM.  You do not have to arrive at 4:30 PM.  We actually prefer and expect that people will arrive at different times.
  2. You DO NOT PARK in the lot.  You will NOT be able to get out and gather with friends.  The west lot is only for driving through and stopping for the exchange.
  3. Each of you (and family who are with you) will turn right once in the lot and follow the sidewalk to the end of the lot by the athletic entrance.
  4. When called or directed, you will exit your car and drop off a paper bag(s) with materials you are returning (see list of items below).
  5. You will go to a table and grab your cap and gown and yearbook (Do NOT grab caps and gowns or yearbooks for friends!).
  6. You will get back in your car and continue driving down the opposite side of the parking lot….taking in the special view;)
  7. You will exit the parking lot, turn left, and go to two drive-through events in the staff/lower parking lot.  Drive through that lot in similar fashion, park, hop out, take advantage of the opportunities below, hop in, and drive home or wherever.  Here is what is happening: “Photo Booth” opportunity to take a picture by the front sign.  This is NOT the time to take one with your cap and gown. The school will be offering a similar opportunity for you and your family at a later date.  Wear nice clothes Thursday, if you’d like…or come casual! College athletes recognized for going on to college to play any sport at any level
  8. You will go home following your materials exchange and optional visit to the staff parking lot.  Do not park at school and hang out with friends…thank you!

MATERIALS EXCHANGE:  Please bring all materials in brown paper bags, with your full name clearly marked on each bag.  You should be returning iPads, cords, and cases; textbooks; library books; music folders and sheet music; uniforms of any type; and anything else owned by Minnehaha Academy.


  • All faculty and staff will be wearing masks, and gloves for those handing materials.  We will all be appropriately spaced, and plenty will be on hand to direct you.
  • Students can only enter the building, one at a time, IF it is absolutely necessary.  Further, they can only enter the main entrance and must get clearance from an adult.  There will be other opportunities on other days to fetch belongings.
  • If a student must pick something up on Thursday he/she needs to be wearing a mask.
  • Again, students cannot get out of their cars and congregate.  This is a drive-through “parade”!
  • Many people will be on hand to celebrate you!