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Minnehaha Fund

By giving to the Minnehaha Fund, you are supporting the people and programs that make Minnehaha Academy one of the top-rated schools in the state. Gifts of every size make a difference to every student, every day.

Our school has begun our second century with big ideas, a forward leaning vision and a great deal of work to do! Your partnership is critical to continually improve academic programs while strengthening our robust, award-winning fine arts and championship athletics programs.

What does the Minnehaha Fund support?

Daily Classroom: Faculty and staff, instructional resources, building maintenance, and supplies.
Tools for Learning: Technology and equipment, faculty professional development, and curriculum implementation
Student Programs: Tuition assistance, fine arts, and athletics.

You may designate your gift to support people and programs, or tuition assistance (Heritage & Hope), or both.

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Supporting Minnehaha Academy is a good investment in the future!

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Minnehaha Fund FAQ’s
Why must money be raised each year in addition to the tuition?

Minnehaha strives to be a school of distinction. Our annual operating expenses exceeds annual tuition income. In order to maintain our high level of excellence, Minnehaha asks those who are closest to our mission to support our school through the Minnehaha Fund. Without this support, Minnehaha could not fully deliver on its mission of integrating Christian faith and learning and a Minnehaha education would be out of reach for many students.


What is the difference between the Minnehaha Fund and capital and/or endowment gifts?

Gifts to the Minnehaha Fund are used for annual expenses. Capital and endowment gifts are for building/special projects to sustain long term viability of the school. The Minnehaha Fund helps us live. Capital funds help us grow.


What is a matching gift?

The company you work for may match your gift to a nonprofit organization like Minnehaha Academy. Matching gift support can double or triple an individual’s gift. Please ask your employer if they participate and if you can get a form from your company.


What recognition will I receive for my gift to the Minnehaha Fund?

All contributors to the Minnehaha Fund receive recognition in our annual listing of donors. There is a special reception for our Leadership Society for those who make gifts of $1,000 or above. However, the true recognition is knowing you have made a difference!


What is the Leadership Society?

You can become a member of the Leadership Society with a gift of $1,000 or more. Gifts of this size sustain and enhance excellent programs.


How do I make a gift?

Gifts can be made with a check or credit card, or through a transfer of appreciated stock. You can make your gift online.