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A robust endowment is the key to stability, long-term growth and strong programs that keep us rooted in our values. Your gift to the endowment has the most lasting impact on Minnehaha Academy’s long-range vitality.

Endowment gifts can be established through outright or deferred gifts of almost any type of asset, cash or securities. Endowment gifts greater than $10,000 can be named to honor a family legacy or an individual. Gifts of any amount may be added to existing endowments.

Named Endowments
Your gift to the endowment can be directed to several different areas, including, but not limited to:

Inspire Instruction: Faculty Development
Great teachers help create great students. Research shows that an inspiring and knowledgeable teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement, so it is critical to provide opportunities that support educators in their professional and faith development. Your gift to the Faculty Development Fund will allow Minnehaha Academy to attract and retain the most talented and dedicated teachers.

Grow Minds and Build Character: Program Enhancement
Minnehaha is already well known for excellent academic programs, engaging arts opportunities, and character-building athletic experiences. Your endowment gift will support these programs and allow the school to expand the offerings with additional co-curricular programs, such as world languages, speech, and performing arts. With your investment we can also provide new opportunities for student learning outside of the classroom through field trips, Cultural Field Experience, and partnerships with local universities.

Secure the Future: Student Scholarships
With the generous support from benefactors such as you, currently 29% of our students receive some financial assistance, allowing them to experience Minnehaha’s transformational Christian education. Unfortunately there are many more students who are unable to attend our great school because of the lack of aid available. Your endowment gift to support scholarships means that students will continue to live the legacy for many generations to come.

We invite you to partner with us as we enter our second century and renew the promise of the founders of Minnehaha Academy. Your gift to the endowment will ensure a vibrant future for today’s students and for generations to come.

For further information, please contact Sara Jacobson, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement by calling 612-728-7764 or emailing [email protected]