Minnehaha Academy

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Students and faculty represent more than 30 denominational backgrounds

MOSAIC-LOGOThe Minnehaha Academy Multicultural Family Network, or MOSAIC, is an organization consisting of Lower and Middle School parents committed to building community. Mosaic exists to enhance the understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity throughout Minnehaha Academy and to serve as a bridge between students, parents, administrators and faculty on diversity issues. All Minnehaha Academy families are welcome to join this group. To learn more about MOSAIC click here.

Upper School Diversity Club

All are welcome to participate in Diversity Club. This club encourages students to celebrate diversity by crossing over lines of racial stereotypes. The mission of the diversity club is to provide student activities that promote racial and cultural understanding through Biblical reconciliation.

Our goal is to help our community to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful diversity in God’s kingdom. We are a group of students from different cultures and backgrounds who desire to see authentic racial and economic reconciliation at our school.

Group members plan campus events designed to help our student body appreciate a diverse array of cultural expression. Annual events are Culture Fair, Student Diversity Leadership Conference, Gospel Choir Concert, Mix It Up Day, Minnesota Prayer Breakfast and the planning of various speakers and performers during all-school assemblies. During weekly meetings we plan events and discuss current event topics.

If you would like to make a positive impact and help tear down walls that separate us, you would be perfect for Diversity Club!

Contact: Paulita Todhunter, Director of Diversity