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Tuition Payment Plans

Minnehaha Academy has partnered with FACTS Tuition Management to help us manage the tuition billing and collection process. The FACTS program provides a simple, convenient, secure and completely confidential method of payment. Every family must register with FACTS; instructions for registering will be provided by the school in May 2015. FACTS administration fees are per family and vary depending on the payment option selected. To assist families in budgeting for tuition payments, Minnehaha Academy offers these payment options:

  • Prepayment – a 1% prepayment discount is offered to families paying in full by July 20, 2016. FACTS administration fee is waived.
  • Two-payment plan – Half of the tuition and fees payable by August 5, 2016, with the remaining balance due by December 20, 2016. FACTS administration fee is waived.
  • Budgeted monthly or quarterly payment plan –Available in 4 quarterly payments (due in July, October, January, April) or up to 11 monthly payments (July – May). This option has no interest or finance charges, but requires an annual administration fee of $45 paid to FACTS.

For all payment options, payment may be made by check, ACH or credit card (MasterCard, American Express or Discover).

Tuition Assistance

Minnehaha Academy wishes to serve students who show commitment to learning about the Christian faith and who aspire to academic excellence, personal growth and active participation in school activities, and we offer Tuition Assistance through our robust Financial Aid and scholarship programs. We encourage families of all income levels to apply.

Eligibility for Tuition Assistance is based on demonstrated financial need and is offered to qualified students to promote equal access to Minnehaha Academy and enhance the socioeconomic diversity of the student population. Through our growing Financial Aid program, over $2.5 million in need-based tuition assistance is awarded annually.

Financial Aid is offered in the form of a grant and does not require repayment. It is awarded for tuition only and does not cover student fees, lunches, transportation or any other incidental expenses. Additionally, only a portion of demonstrated need will be met; as families decide whether to accept a Financial Aid grant it is important that they carefully consider their financial obligation for the remaining portion of tuition, including fees and other incidental costs of attendance. In recent years, the average grant has been approximately 50% of the cost of tuition.

Decisions regarding Financial Aid are made separately from the admission process and Financial Aid applications are considered only after a student has been accepted for admission. Decisions for Financial Aid begin in early April and continue until all funds are distributed. Financial Aid is available to students entering kindergarten through grade 12 and any interested family may apply.

For more information please click here Tuition Assistance at Minnehaha Academy or contact our Financial Aid Office at (612) 728-7774 or [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Aid