Minnehaha Academy

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Why Choose Minnehaha?

There is no other school quite like Minnehaha Academy, a top-ranked college prep school located in the heart of the Twin Cities. From the moment you arrive on campus you are part of a welcoming community that values academics, personal passions, and faith.

We encourage students to explore their gifts and talents as we support their development to become next generation thought leaders and change makers. Students thrive in a culture where learning is cool and curiosity and critical thinking are valued by faculty and peers.

Minnehaha graduates are well-prepared to succeed in college and careers. They have the skills and confidence to excel. Our alums are change makers in an ever changing world. They are leaders and forward thinkers in their fields–music, medicine, law, policies, science, academics, and business–to name just a few.

"When I first started at Minnehaha, I had an amazing experience. I started school not knowing if I would make friends, but I made friends very fast and immediately felt at home. I always had someone to hang out with and I never felt uncomfortable or unwanted. Coming to Minnehaha has been one of the best experiences of my life."

- Danyelle

Fast Facts

  • 100% of students are accepted into 4-year colleges and universities.
  • 100% of Upper School students participate in a co-curricular activity.
  • A strong fine arts education is valued and begins in preschool, continuing through grade 12.
  • Hands-on experiential STEM learning provides a solid foundation in the sciences.