Minnehaha Academy

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Shine at Minnehaha Academy

Our Mission, Our “Why”

We provide high-quality education integrating Christian faith and learning so that students grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and others.


Core Values

Core Values BeamsDistinctively Christian: We encourage one another to become authentic followers of Jesus Christ.

Core Values BeamsExceptional Academics: We pursue truth and excellence in all educational experiences.

Core Values BeamsCultivating Potential: We help each person discover and develop his or her unique gifts and talents.

Core Values BeamsCaring Community: We share a unity that is based on care for one another rather than conformity.

Philosophy of Minnehaha Academy

How we view each person
  • We believe every person is created in the image of God, possessing inherent honor and dignity as a unique individual.
  • We believe humans are whole persons – body and soul united.
  • We believe humanity exists in a fallen state, in need of ongoing redemptive transformation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • We believe each person has been created to love God and others and to care for God’s creation.
  • We believe each person has been endowed with gifts and talents that require development and direction.


  • We seek to lead students to commit their lives to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • We challenge ourselves and our students toward excellence, a deepening Christian faith, and a commitment to service.
  • We seek to inspire and help every student to follow God’s will and design in all aspects of life.
How we view the purpose of education
  • We believe education is an inherent good.
  • We believe it is in the nature of faith to seek understanding.
  • We believe education should develop both intellect and character, thereby equipping students for lives of service in this world.
  • We affirm the pursuit of understanding and excellence as an expression of worship.


  • We seek to create an atmosphere that encourages curiosity; we invite all genuine questions and are committed to the pursuit of truth.
  • We seek to help one another grow in understanding and in the ability to think critically, without indoctrination.
  • We desire that our students have a transforming influence in society.
  • We seek to prepare students to be lifelong learners.
How we view the content of education
  • We affirm the person of Jesus Christ and the Christian Scriptures as the ultimate sources of revelation; we also affirm that God has chosen to reveal Himself through His creation.  We believe these sources are complementary.
  • We believe each subject area is best understood in the light of God’s creative and redemptive activity.
  • We believe a rigorous liberal arts education best prepares students to think deeply and critically about all areas of life.
  • We recognize that there are a variety of avenues to understanding and we want our students to know and use them well; we also believe that any one of these avenues alone is incomplete and must be used appropriately.
  • We recognize the importance of openness to a diversity of understandings and humility about our own understandings.


  • We seek to involve students individually and corporately in meaningful activities that will allow them to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.
  • We seek academic excellence in the preparation of faculty, delivery of instruction, use of resources, and facilitation of learning experiences for students.
  • We seek to help students develop interdisciplinary understandings and appreciate the integrated nature of all truth as God’s truth.
How we relate to one another in community
  • We believe love for all people is a hallmark of the follower of Jesus.
  • We believe a healthy environment for learning includes authentic relationships.
  • We believe our unity is found in a common mission, not in uniformity.
  • We believe we are called to nurture a dynamic, diverse community that reflects the Biblical image of the Kingdom of God.
  • We view our school as part of the broader Christian community.


  • We desire that all faculty, staff, and administration model authentic principles of Christian love and discipleship.
  • We value partnership with parents and guardians, the primary educators of their children.
  • We seek to offer a high-quality education to students of all ethnicities, socioeconomic strata, and religious backgrounds.
  • We desire to create an environment that fosters enduring friendships.